Demo 2011

by Vattnet Viskar

(free) 08:23


released April 29, 2011

Recorded in April 2011 by Vattnet Viskar
Mixed by Brett Boland



all rights reserved


Vattnet Viskar Plaistow, New Hampshire

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Track Name: Despair
Understanding of this can never be had,
Beyond all that is known,
Everything and nothing,
Pure black empty,
Despair all ye seekers,
There are no answers,
There is no truth


The void beckons,
The vacuum draws in,
Woven amongst the fabric of existence,
Inescapable doom has set to ride,
All creation follows his trail,
To the only end,
The way is laid impossibly wide,
Entirety yields collapse,


Behold the end,
A model of failure,
This chosen reality,
The last waves crash upon the shores of desolation

Track Name: Vattnet Viskar
Make clear the wooded path,
For we carry with us a blight,
A scourge upon our people,
that cannot take hold,
This cannot take hold

Come upon the still waters of the lake,
Await this truest of all baptisms,
We are gathered here today,
at this black mass,
before the eyes of god,
to condemn

Free though beware,
reason be damned,
let all view our holiness,

March into the water,
hands bound,
forced down,
a dark hood blocking all light and hope,
Water slowly fills the lungs,
extinguishing the flame of life,
As the last breath escapes this mortal form,

Hör vattnet viskar